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As posted in the other thread, these are the cars affected:

Here are the vehicles involved in the recall:
E46 with M54/M56 from 09/02 up to 12/04.
E39 with M54 from 09/02 up to 07/03.
E53 (X5) with M54 from 09/02 up to 12/04.
E65/E66 with N62/N73 from 09/01 up to 12/04.
E85 (Z4) with M54 from 09/02 up to 12/04.
E83 (X3) with M54 from 09/03 up to 12/04.

Here are the E46 chassis numbers: (Last 7 of the VIN)
Model Chassis Number Range
325i KL58793 KL62880
NH02298 NH05784
PD00558 PD01068
325iA KL78812 KL89995
KR24002 KR32361
PD56824 PD58282
NJ21783 NJ47934
NJ80013 NJ96910
325Ci JY96097 JY98108
PC99012 PC99995
325CiA PL00001 PL04548
PG60108 PG62814
325Cic JY43694 JY44229
PG97089 PG98243
325CicA PG88872 PG92999
PL24020 PL31534
325iT EZ15376 EZ15633
325iTA PC11346 PC12725
325xi PF58422 PF62576
325xiA PH86839 PH90969
PM52033 PM59296
PR06010 PR12874
325xiT PE91490 PE92062
325xiTA PF01600 PF04589
325iA SULEV KP78010 KP87556
PH30108 PH36104
325CiA SULEV PJ15045 PJ16347
JT20009 JT22530
325iTA SULEV PJ00063 PJ00924
330i KM02321 KM07066
330iA KM24352 KM36386
330Ci PD95092 PD97653
JU28717 JU45159
330CiA PL10037 PL14136
PH02210 PH05245
330Cic EV90090 EV90753
PJ94042 PJ95840
330CicA JU95942 JU99831
PL40018 PL46594
330xi PG09391 PG11594
330xiA PG20116 PG23990
PN30039 PN35923

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