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Originally Posted by mattclaud
ty1200 - LOL, that would be a good thread haha.

ANYTIME you buy/lease a car your throwing away money. Cars depreciate, so comparing it to realestate which almost always goes up is unfair.
Rent isn't real estate, its a service. You're paying for the service of a place to live like you'd pay the service of a car. Once you're lease is up, what do you have? Nothing. You can rent an apartment or lease a car(s) for 10 years and have nothing to show for it. Even if you option the lease to buy, why would you if you plan on buying anyways? Why do you think monthly payments are cheaper on a lease? Is it a gift to you?

Bottom line, everyone knows cars depreciate, that doesn't mean you should throw money away on a lease.

As for the tax structure, I couldn't comment on that. As far as I know the only write off you could get in the US would be for a commercial vehicle used for business purposes? Are you from Canada? If you want to fill me in on that I'd like to know the secret.
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