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Originally Posted by FunPoliceSam
a lot of people live irresponsibly. they just leased their s-class merc because they make 100k and think why not...


always pay cash...if you can't afford it, don't buy it.. thats why honda is there.

its the 1920's thinking of buying everything on credit that gets people in trouble down the road.

my uncle ended up in cc debt and he has no responsibilities, a 60k job, and lives in one of his parent's house.

wonder how?

answer: buying on credit.
No its the SMART INVESTOR thinking that tells you to put your money where it MAKES MONEY......

Why would you pay cash for a car and tie up your money when your money could be making you 3-20% interest?

Your uncle had no responsibility...that was his problem, he spent more then he earned.. COMPLETELY DIFFERENT STORY.....Doesnt even relate...

I done it b4, and I learned from my mistakes...

Buying items IN CASH that dont earn you money is STUPID....

If "Owning" a car makes your head feel bigger....Fine...But I'd MUCH rather check my bank everyday and see my interest pay my car insurance every month
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