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key word: INVESTOR

now what happens when one of your investments fails (say you dropped it on a stock) and you've got no money and a bmw lease on your hands.

obviously if you have the income and the price of the commodity doesn't affect you or in a very minor way, you won't care and you'll pay cash.

same reason why we don't drive a ferrari....

my parents could easily make the monthly payments on a new one.... but if they lost their job... we couldn't afford it.

aren't you late? you must keep up with the jones. *sarcasm*

Originally Posted by BMDoubleU2k4
No its the SMART INVESTOR thinking that tells you to put your money where it MAKES MONEY......

Why would you pay cash for a car and tie up your money when your money could be making you 3-20% interest?

Your uncle had no responsibility...that was his problem, he spent more then he earned.. COMPLETELY DIFFERENT STORY.....Doesnt even relate...

I done it b4, and I learned from my mistakes...

Buying items IN CASH that dont earn you money is STUPID....

If "Owning" a car makes your head feel bigger....Fine...But I'd MUCH rather check my bank everyday and see my interest pay my car insurance every month
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Have any of you heard of "sloming"? Supposedly, high school students are sticking leeches to themselves in exchange for some kind of high. Since when did this become the new thing? What happened to just kicking back with a group of your close friends and smoking a joint?
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