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Originally Posted by Artan5
cash is and getting your office is good, winning your car in a lottery and winning a yaught in a lottery is even better woot woot
WTF is a yaught? That must be something they only have in Texas.

And on the other hand, like Tenchi said, I find it very hard to believe that so many people in here paid cash for their BMW. Some I really don't doubt. But I don't think that all the people in this thread claiming to have paid cash for their car did actually pay cash for their car. But that is just me.

And as for the original thread starter, unless you are making insane money or bought a shack in Iowa or something, how in the hell do you plan on paying off your house in 5 years? I'm a mortgage broker, and I'm sorry, but that just doesn't happen unless people are extremely well off, and even then it is rare. I know very well of people that don't do that, so I don't quite see how you are planning on that. But I don't know your personal situation, so I'm not saying that you can't do it or that you won't, just basing it on averages and my personal experience in the mortgage industry.
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