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Originally Posted by FunPoliceSam
key word: INVESTOR

now what happens when one of your investments fails (say you dropped it on a stock) and you've got no money and a bmw lease on your hands.

obviously if you have the income and the price of the commodity doesn't affect you or in a very minor way, you won't care and you'll pay cash.

same reason why we don't drive a ferrari....

my parents could easily make the monthly payments on a new one.... but if they lost their job... we couldn't afford it.

aren't you late? you must keep up with the jones. *sarcasm*
I can get a 4% return on my money and ZERO risk.... No-Brainer

$200,000 x's 4% = 8000/yr or 666.66 Month
$100,000 x's 4% = 4000/yr or 333.33 Month
$50,000 x's 4% = 2000/yr or 166.66 Month

No Brainer

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