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Originally Posted by dave12345
im callin them first thing tomorrow and if it was never done im gonna flip cuz i brought it in for an oil change in july and they put my key in their computer thing and said everything was up to date and all recalls were performed..... wat are some symptoms i would get if my ignition coils were bad ill go for a ride to see if i notice anything
Dave, there were no outstanding recalls on your vehicle at that time. The new recall (just issued this month - 10/2005) is to replace Bremi ignition coils (the 223's) with Bosch ignition coils (the 219's). I'm a warranty administrator at Pacific BMW. kpeng, listed the vehicles affected earlier in the thread. If you had all your old Bremi coils replaced with Bosch ones already per SI B12 08 03, you are completely fine and don't need coils again. You would know if you had this performed already if the defect code 12 13 92 12 00 is on your DCSnet Vehicle History report that your service advisor can look up (and print out) for you.

And xxcosmicxx is right, some service advisors get confused pretty easily! So if the ones at Crevier are confused, ya'll should send your cars up here to Pacific for the proper service! j/k

If you haven't been notified yet, don't stress. Most of your cars are probably running fine right now. Just imagine how many thousands of cars are affected. It wouldn't make sense to notify these people all at once and overburden BMW service departments throughout the country. IIRC, BMW NA is notifying customers with E39 (prev. gen 5 Series) and E53 (X5 SAV) vehicles with the M54 engines first.

I hope this helps!
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