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Wow, just wow.

You must be a real baller bro, congrats on being a baller and braggin about it


True rich people drive nice cars but nothing extravogant, don't brag about their cars and don't talk about money. This honestly has to be one of the worst threads I've read in the history of the forum.

Sorry to be a dick, but seriously, financial status is one of those things noone should care about. Half of my freinds are loaded out the ass, the other half are dirt poor, can you tell whos who, sometimes, does it make a difference in how they act or whether or not they are cool people - no.

I paid for my car in cash, with the help of my parents of course (was 17). However, my car was a much smaller investment and has depreciated very little in the time I've owned it.

I'm with Tenchi as well, smells like BS to me.

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