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Originally Posted by mattclaud
So true. Go to any highend car lot, and they will tell you MOST people lease that come on the lot. From the responses it seems like roughly 50% have paid in cash, 40% finance, and 10% lease. The paid in cash seems a bit high. Even when I glance in the forsale forum, most people are selling their cars for what they owe on this board.
I call BS on a lot of the posts in here. Everyone on here that is
18-21 seems to have bought their car cash, people are paying their houses off in 5 years, blah blah blah. People who buy cars cash are people with extreme amounts of money or people who buy less expensive cars, for the most part. This thread sucks (*then don't post here*, "Foff, I'm just trying to add some commentary and enlightenment").

Why don't we just start a "How much money did you make last month" or "How much money do you have in the bank" or more relevant for a lot of people on here "How much money do you parents make or have in the bank".
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