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Originally Posted by jacobo
or more relevant for a lot of people on here "How much money do you parents make or have in the bank".
Yeah, thats the problem I have with this thread. Most of the people pasting that they paid cash really mean "My daddy wuvs me and paid cash for my car. Its really mine ven though its in his name as is the insurance, and if I get bad grades they take my keys away."

Paying in cash is a ridiculous idea for most of the members on this board. My parents pay in cash for cars now because they are able to. They don't trust investments and so they just dump money into CD's, bonds, etc, but they would rather pay everything off if they can.

But again, that doesn't matter, everyone is too obsessed with money, clout, and who's e-dong is longer.

And that thread, thats the reason I absolutely hate answering the question "what kind of car do you have." Either the person knows that its old and cheaper, and thus no effect, or they make a big deal about it - fussing over money = bad in my eyes so it pisses me off. Just like this thread did

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