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Originally Posted by ProV1
LOL... funny how ppl get so worked up whenever the "m" word creeps up.

wow, didn't know there were so many "investment gurus" on this board. BTW, ppl here consider 4% savings account APR return from ING direct or EmigrantDirect "investment"??

also, why are some of you doubting a lot of folks here who claim to have paid cash?? when i read the responses, it sounds more like everyone has stash of cash saved up but rather "invest" for 20% annual return rather than use it for car purchase.. oh and let's not forget, all this crazy modding everyone here does on their car is an outstanding investment as well..! lol..

It is easy to doubt, because the majority of people nationwide do not have shite for savings. The culture is more geared toward spending BEFORE you get, as to saving to spend later. What was the average savings for retirees that they announced a few months back, like 10 or 20K? That is for people who have worked their whole life, and I am supposed to believe that the majority of people posting on the first few pages of this worthless thread have saved more than twice that in 20 or so years of life (and only a few of those being income producing)? Yeah...Right

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