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Originally Posted by thestimp
heh i walked into a dealership and pointed to a car saying i wanted it, and he laughed at me and said "it's $$$! you cant afford that young man get mom and dad out here and we'll talk" cause lets face it im a 20 year old "kid" So the next day I came back with a breifcase and threw it on the table and said "Hope you have a secretary as good as mine =D" the cash was just thrown thruout the brief case to be an especial dick. Bought my 01 323 straight up. Its always fun explaining to an old man how you make more money than him =D. I love doing realestate in Naples, Florida.


yeah right. And I fvcked Jessica Alba last night and made videos for all of yous.

Are you dumb as you sound? Walk in with a briefcase full of cash. OOOOK Baller.

You just described a fictional transaction that would only happen in the movies.

so enlighten us....how the hell you ever got $30-40k in cash? Went up to a bank teller and asked for it? I DONT FACKING THINK SO. And not to mention the dealership would never take a briefcase full of cash seeing they would have to file SAR reports for anti-money laundering regulations.

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