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Originally Posted by Tenchi
yeah right. And I fvcked Jessica Alba last night and made videos for all of yous.

Are you dumb as you sound? Walk in with a briefcase full of cash. OOOOK Baller.

You just described a fictional transaction that would only happen in the movies.

so enlighten the hell you ever got $30-40k in cash? Went up to a bank teller and asked for it? I DONT FACKING THINK SO. And not to mention the dealership would never take a briefcase full of cash seeing they would have to file SAR reports for anti-money laundering regulations.
my mom gave me $15k in CASH to put down on my car.. yes my mama..
and the dealer was counting it ALL night.. they were in $20's and $100's...

hey tenchi.. wtf does tenchi mean?

yesterday i saw a yellow Z06 w/ license plate "TENCHI"
and i thought about u bro..
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