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Originally Posted by thestimp
heh i walked into a dealership and pointed to a car saying i wanted it, and he laughed at me and said "it's $$$! you cant afford that young man get mom and dad out here and we'll talk" cause lets face it im a 20 year old "kid" So the next day I came back with a breifcase and threw it on the table and said "Hope you have a secretary as good as mine =D" the cash was just thrown thruout the brief case to be an especial dick. Bought my 01 323 straight up. Its always fun explaining to an old man how you make more money than him =D. I love doing realestate in Naples, Florida.


Damn you're a baller...and with cred like that, I dare say a shot caller. Amazing that you are a player in the Naples Florida real estate market at 20 (and all the way from Pittsburgh no less), that is what I call big pimpin'. That makes me sad. Here you are throwing down big cash to buy BMW's, and the last thing that I paid cash for on the spot was your mom
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