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The nav has a clip on each side, at the bottom, you need to open the face, then stick a tool on each side (you can probably get the tools from the dealer, should be cheap). You could also use a pick to slide the clips out.

You could go to the fuse box. If you go to the ignition harness, make sure you use a fuse inline to avoid a potential fire hazard.

Getting to the phone harness is not too bad.

Originally Posted by noelep
thanks for that - I will take a look tomorrow under that panel.

The reason for wanting to not use the cigarette lighter is that it looks a little unsightly with the wire trailing across the top of the shifter area and under the steering wheel.

Also, the only reason I wanted consant power was because the wiring diagram & instructions for the detector indicate that it should be connected in that way. I am sure that if I just hooked up the switched then it would be fine, but given that where you find one you tend to find the other I thought I may as well do it 'by the book'

thanks for your help
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