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Bump. I did this job today. The DIY listed above is actually very good, but I thought I should add my own notes.

First, just leaving the shield to hang was awkward, but I couldn't figure out where the last attachment point was. I would up bending the shield out of the way.

Second, the hose-clamps on my car turned perfectly under a 5mm socket. I did not use a screwdriver.

Third, the hoses are REALLY stuck on there. Next time I do this job, I will just slice the hoses off with a razor, and replace them with new ones. It seems much easier to put the hoses on than to take them off. I did not have the 3-4 inches of play mentioned in the DIY. The part number for the hoses (3 needed) appears to be 13537788347, while the part number for the clamps (6 needed) appears to be 07129952104. Caveat: the small front hose appears to be a vaccuum hose (for 325/330 cars; the 323/328s do not have this). I wouldn't cut that; it pulled off easily with just hand-strength.

This job really sucked. I didn't enjoy it at all, and don't look forward to doing it again. I hope I've made this a little easier for the next guy.
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