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Don't know the brand since my buddy got a big box of them

for me while he was overseas but they do look awesome whether they are on or off.

When on, the red is a brilliant red similiar to the lighting you would get if you had a red lense! But when off, they are unnoticeable.

As stated before I am opening up a Euro Tuning shop called The Euro Boutique in Fremont very soon.

Contact me if you want installation work done.

To Eric 330i, that's exactly the setup I have on my M3 and it looks sweet and different!

And Karl is correct about the colors that are my first post about the cop story behind hassle at all. With the M9's from Polarg, they do look nice but attract too much attention to your car not to mention blind the guy behind. Don't believe me, try it yourself and walk behind the car!

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