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Originally Posted by RockerGuy
Hey is it me or is that that BMW does not win any races?? They lose F1, not good when I turn on the tube to speed channel. I have never seen them in a race they dominate. Whats up w/ that??
Where have you been. BMW has won in almost every form of motor racing that exist in the world. Very few car maker can say that. They have won races in Formula 1, Grand American GT and GS, European touring car championship, SPEED world challenge, American Lemans Series even the DAKAR rally to mention a few. I believe in 2000-1 BMW almost won every single race in ALMS with the M3 GTR. Last year in Grand American the M3 in GT won almost every race. The same can be said by the Tuner Motor sport 325i that won the Championship in 2003 and 2004. The turner Mortor sport M3 in grand american GS was the car that won the most races. The M3 GTR in Europe won all the mayor 24 hours race with the exeception of Lemans. In WTCC BMW currently leads the series with a 320i. I can go on and on and on. BMW even won the DAKAR rally in a motorcycle. Come to think of there isn't any other company that have won in so many different category
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