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Originally Posted by Mr Paddle.Shift
Yeah! Another one on this side of the fence.

I would recommend that you join BMWCCA in your area and attend a few driving events organized by the chapter. Participate in more AutoX events if you can. Don't upgrade anything else other than get used to the car's dynamics. Learn to play around with the tire pressures as well.

What's your DSC status? <3s or >3s off?
Im def going back, I think this was the last one for the season. What do you mean buy, <3s or >3s off?

Funny story...atleast for me it was. I had a friend riding with me for my first 3 of 4 runs. On the third run I got 1/3 through and felt that the car was slow coming out of the turns. I noticed the DSC was still on for that run. I yelled out ****!, and turned it off. My friend was all like whats wrong, whats wrong. Damn traction controll.
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