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Originally Posted by Mr Paddle.Shift
I use tape on the track for headlights and front bumper (including fogs).

Headlights? Tracks I go to have sandy/rocky offcourses. If someone spins, they can send rocks flying towards me. When you're flying at 100mph, you want to prevent potential cracks on the headlight covers and fogs caused by the rocks.

Bumper? Not that I want to look bling at the end of the day when removing the tape to reveal the nice-polished finish, but the group I run with often uses slicks. Those rubber bits can stick to the bumper and make it extremely tedious to remove. Post-track weekend should be spent checking car's health and not cleaning bumper! Plus, I have instances when following project race cars means having to deal with their over-rich mixture => oil spray from exhaust. The tape saves me from cleaning the oil stains and rubber-bit scars.

What kind of tape are you using? Does it ever leave adhesive on your vehicle?
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