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Thanks to everyone who posted here, your information and DI's replys have been quite valuable.

This weekend I washed, Klasse AIO, followed by 2 coats of Klasse HGSG. I think I may have applied the HGSG too thin though. I would start my microfiber with a nickel size dab of the HGSG, apply to one section then re-apply a few drops for the next 2 square feet or so. Having read so many comments of how less is more, I really tried not to over do it. The problem with putting it on so thin is I cant tell easily where I have applied and what spots I may have missed. I might add that I was doing this in a shared garage with a flourescent light above, not really well lit. I let 12+ hrs between coats for the HGSG to cure.
When I came back to remove each coat, I would use a microfiber folded in 4ths and start wiping away. The problem I had is I could not tell the difference between an area I had wiped off and an area I had not. I really had no no way of telling if I had properly removed the excess HGSG. Looking at the microfiber, there would not be a lot of extra wax or residue after I wiped a panel, am I actually doing this right?

How do I know when I have applied the correct amount of HGSG, how do I know when I have removed it properly? How much pressure do I apply when removing?

P.S. what a freakin chore it all was, If one of those porter cable units saves my arms from falling off, I will be purchasing one next time.
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