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Glad to hear the posts have been helpful. The HGSG applies very thin and is hard to see so it does make the job a little harder to do. You've got the right idea, apply a relatively small amount to a 2x2 section and then wait 12hrs and remove with a microfiber towel folded in fourths. To make sure you remove the HGSG entirely I usually use medium pressure and follow a similar pattern as I do when I apply. You shouldn't be pressing overly hard but its going to take some muscle to remove the product. Remove it in sections and work in a pattern so you know you've covered all areas regardless of what you can see. Obviously this doesn't mean you have removed every bit of the HGSG. To see where you may have missed your probably going to need a little bit more light. I often look at the paint from multiple angles when removing to ensure its all removed. When I'm done I like to go back and do a one more walk around to ensure I got it all. Then to make sure its perfect I back the car out in to the sun and give it a final wipe down of any areas that I might have missed. Generally the more light you have the easier it is, hence why backing it out in to the sun helps tremendously. For the HGSG I probably use atleast two microfiber towels. When one side of the towel is getting HGSG built up in it flip it over and don't hesitate to use more towels. If I use one towel for too long you can usally tell because it streaks instead of just lifting the product.

To know the proper amount to apply is hard to put in words sometimes. The product should be able to spread over the 2x2 area no problem. The area should have a light clouded look with a thin coating of product on it. The product spreads relatively thin so it may be hard to tell how much is enough or too much. If the product is caking up then you probably used too much. I think you'll really need to bring in some more light to help see if the area was properly covered. Using a microfiber applicator instead of a towel will also help or the Porter Cable as you mentioned. The Porter Cable does save your arms quite a bit since it only weighs about 6lbs. It gives you more even coverage of pressure and heat which helps the product breakdown and do its job better. Frequently when applying by hand you can only apply pressure throught the tips of your fingers and that pressure varies tremendously throughout an entire detail, especailly with multiple coats. The Porter Cable saves your arms and gives a much better shine IMO. There is a specail we are running for members only that gets you the Porter Cable, velcro backing plate (so you can change pads easy, four pads, two snappy clean pad cleaners for $182.50. This is a great deal that I highly recommend for anyone who hasn't already bought a PC and wants to give their car the best look possible. Hope this helped answer some of your questions. Don't hesitate to post more questions if you think of any.

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Originally Posted by sanfransoxfan04
Thanks to everyone who posted here, your information and DI's replys have been quite valuable.

This weekend I washed, Klasse AIO, followed by 2 coats of Klasse HGSG. I think I may have applied the HGSG too thin though. I would start my microfiber with a nickel size dab of the HGSG, apply to one section then re-apply a few drops for the next 2 square feet or so. Having read so many comments of how less is more, I really tried not to over do it. The problem with putting it on so thin is I cant tell easily where I have applied and what spots I may have missed. I might add that I was doing this in a shared garage with a flourescent light above, not really well lit. I let 12+ hrs between coats for the HGSG to cure.
When I came back to remove each coat, I would use a microfiber folded in 4ths and start wiping away. The problem I had is I could not tell the difference between an area I had wiped off and an area I had not. I really had no no way of telling if I had properly removed the excess HGSG. Looking at the microfiber, there would not be a lot of extra wax or residue after I wiped a panel, am I actually doing this right?

How do I know when I have applied the correct amount of HGSG, how do I know when I have removed it properly? How much pressure do I apply when removing?

P.S. what a freakin chore it all was, If one of those porter cable units saves my arms from falling off, I will be purchasing one next time. is offline   Reply With Quote