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Originally Posted by meistman
Hi George / Greg,

This is without doubt the one thread that has summed up my entire 2 months search for the ultimate detailing heaven. You guys have been amazingly detailed (pun) in your tips and replies which have left me reading ALL 17 pages without pauses. Your advizes are clear, precise and most importantly MAKES ALOT OF SENSE for newbies to detailing like me.

I have many questions so please bear with me:

Car: 4 months old Honda Civic - Black
Condition: 2 professional wax/polish (Zaino Bros & Marine Teflon Wax). Currently with patches of swirls here and there that is causing me alot of stress.
Location: Singapore
Climate: Hot & Humid
Additional: Rain quite often
Detail Habits: Self by Hand. Wash 4-5 days with water - Dry with Microfibre Cloth. Occasional Quick-Detail Spray.
Facilities: I live in an apt block and have no access to hose water / electricity.

I regularly clean my car given the restricted access to facilities hence looking for the best way to do with what I've got and obtain maximum results.

Upon reading your informative guides, I've decided to go with:

Wash + Klase AIO + HGSG + P21S Concour Carnauba Wax (All done by hand)

My questions for the above are:

(1) Is the above process sufficient for a deep shine look?

(2) What additional tips would you recommend.

(3) Between each process, what is the waiting time as I've read from other posts that it should be around 12hrs? Are there other alternatives? My carpark is a common area hence I would prefer to finish everything all at one go.

(4) I read that natural carnauba wax don't work well in humid/hot conditions. What is your take?

(5) I often read about the types of cloths to be used. Maybe you can enlighten us on how to maintain the cloths because I believe it is logical we clean it in a proper manner to prevent uneccessary issues.

(6) I intend to buy the above products (and others as well) from you. Do you ship to Singapore?

Glad to hear you were able to take advantage of all the information on the in this post. Sounds like it was a lot of reading but well worth it.

1.) Those three products will give you tremendous gloss and lots of deep shine. The P21S carnauba wax specializes in giving you gloss and depth in the paint.

2.) Tips, there are so many I recommend you look at our "How To" page on There is lots of information on there and if that doesn't answer some of your questions then feel free to post up some more questions and I would be happy to address them.

3.) There is no wait time on the Klasse AIO and P21S Carnauba Wax. I usually do one or two panels and then remove the product right away. For the Klasse HGSG you want to wait and let it cure which also makes the removal process easier as well. You can remove it right away but its a little bit hard to remove right away and you'll get slightly better results by letting it sit longer. Some people let the car sit in a garage all night and then finish it in the morning.

4.) Carnauba waxes don't last that long (approximately 1 month) In temperatures over 100 degrees it proably won't last much more than a week or two. The carnauba waxes don't offer much protection but they earn their reputation for really adding "pop" to the paint thats very eye catching.

5.) I believe your refering to microfiber cloths and how to maintain them. I put them in my regular washer with Tide or any generic cleaner. Do not use any fabric guard! You can machine dry them, I do, but they will probably last longer and stay a little nicer if you let them air dry. I store mine in a rubbermaid container to prevent from any contaminates from collecting on it. I also don't use them on any dirty areas of the car, save that for old microfiber towels or rags. I only use nice and new towels for the painted surfaces. Don't let them touch the ground and just try to keep them as clean as possible.

6.) We do ship to Singapore and just about any place in the world.

Please let me know if you have any more questions. I can help you pick out washing detailing bundles and other steps too if you want to look in to them.

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