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I was looking to get either a 02 M3 or a 05 330Ci this summer. I saw on BMW of Fairfax's website that they had a 02 Silver M3 with like 26k miles. The price they quoted on the website was $44k, which is priced way over kelly bluebook. I called and spoke with Judy Palmore in their "certified used" department. I told her that the price seemed a bit high for an 02 and she happened to agree with me. She further said that she could probably bring it down a bit but I would need to come down to the dealership. So I go to the dealership and they let me test drive it and everything. Finally when it came down to the price, she says the best she can do is 43k.

I told her no way in hell I was paying 43k for an 02 M3, so he pulls the old "Let me talk to my manager" trick on me. She finally comes back with an offer of $42.5k, I told her that the max I was going to pay was $41k. $41k was still over my limit, I only wanted to spend a max of $40k. So she goes to talk to her manager again and says that they cannot let go of it for $41k. So I end up leaving the dealership and ended up buying a 330CI at VOB BMW.

Long story short.....3 weeks later, one of my co-workers, who was also in the market for an M3 went to Fairfax BMW. The same lady offered him the car for $38k !!! WTF! Apparently they had got the car a day or two earlier to my visit and they figured that they could sell it for more than $41k.
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