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••ü•• World's Brightest Flashlight - Luminos FireLight™


Luminos FireLight™ 

"Now you're playing with fire!"

Flashlight Picture


Standard Package Includes (see pictures below)

Battery Charger with Overcharge Protection


Power Outlet Charger 12/24VDC

Carrying Strap


Canvas Carrying Case



The most illuminating, powerful, and easy to use flashlight ever made. The Luminos FireLight™ is capable of illuminating objects at over 1500ft away, using a proprietary compact HID technology found nowhere else.


The sharp contrast of the extra cool 6000K light from the full sized HID capsule creates a powerful, contrasting light at night or even day time. The narrowly focused beam doesn't spread like other high power flashlights, and is only 2' in diameter at 1000ft, producing more lumen per watt than any incandescent bulb on the market.

The fully integrated and rechargeable lithium ion battery (from SONY) delivers power almost immediately with a small 10 second startup time and 20 seconds to 100% illumination.  Unlike other flashlights that use standard batteries and have to be recharged for hours and lost only a short time, the Luminos FireLight™ works for up to 2 hours continuously on a charge and takes only 60 minutes to fully recharge.  Lithium ion batteries hold their charge longer than alkaline or metal hydride batteries, allowing the Luminos FireLight™ to be used immediately even after prolonged storage.


The design criteria for this light are based the needs of law enforcement, border patrol, fire departments, marine/coast guard, and other public and private security organizations. However, the needs of the average person are not overlooked - whether you're camping, hiking, exploring, or even if you are in an emergency situation - the Luminos FireLight™ ideal for all recreational use.

The ruggedly powerful aluminum casing is sturdy and touch, but not heavy. The rubberized end caps and overall strength of the headlight construction means that even if dropped or mishandled, you'll likely receive many years of uninterrupted use. The easy to handle and heuristically ideal size of the flashlight allows it to be used in self defense, whether shining the powerful light into an attacker's eyes, deflecting any blows, or as an aggressive self-defense weapon.

Application(Please consult your owner's manual for your application fitment type):

Security, Self-Defense, Personal Recreational, Public Safety, Many More...


Engineering Detail:

Dimensions: Ø 2.25 in. (at base) x 15.25 in. length
Weight: 2.50 lb
Lens: Hardened Glass
Bulb: HID Capsule

Color Temp: 6000K
Lumens: 1300-1750 (depends on wattage)
Battery: 12.0V / Lithium ion


  • Spot Focus - Direct Beam
    15 sec. to full brightness

  • Hot Restrike

  • End Cap Rechargeable Outlet

  • Rubberized Carrying Strap Rings

  • CNC Machined Aluminum Outer Shell

  • Shock Absorbing End Caps

Operating temperatures:
Operating: 0° - 40°C
Storage: -20° - 35°C, RH 45-85%
Charging: 10° - 30°C
Battery charger: 100/240VAC, w/automatic over charge protection, 2 hr., charge.


  • Fully Charge Unit Upon Receipt for 2 Hours

  • The headlight cannot be driven over, and is not indestructible.

  • Keep glass lens clean and free of debris as this does affect light pattern


  • Exercise caution when pointing beam at motorists, bicyclists, or any other moving vehicle.

Flashlight PictureFlashlight Picture

Flashlight Picture

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