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Oh my gosh! I have been waiting for someone to ask this!

The reason is that on 325/330, the stock airbox is modified to take in air from a secondary inlet beside the driver's side headlight. ECIS then "redesigned" their heat shield accordingly: that is to allow air from beside the headlight too. Hence the modification of the heat shield from the U-shape to the L-shape.

Now, my question is why ECIS did not originally design a L-shape heat shield for the 323/328. Even before 325/330, it is only common sense to know that one has to look for ways to maximise airflow. It is obvious that by introducing a secondary inlet allows more airflow. It far too obvious to me that ECIS did not optimise their heat shield design at all for 323/328! What they simply did was to follow what BMW designed for 323/328 (single inlet stock airbox). This bothers me a lot. Cos if you're in the "tuning" business, you don't just follow, you innovate and optimise.

I have since been telling pple to cut that U-shape into a L-shape. Not only do you allow air from the primary inlet but also from beside the headlight assembly.


Originally posted by srcstc
Yeah but why is the heat shield a different shape?

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