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ECIS is not innovative just a rip. read....

I've been researching my own air intake and air box. By no means is ECIS innovative. If they were innovative they would sell us a all aluminumn air box with a lid for the price of the ECIS. What they are doing is ripping us off since no one else makes a cold air intake that has a heat shield. They simply took maybe 3-4 hours to come up with the shield design, 3-4 hours to make a fiberglass mold and poof pop out a heat shield. Paint it black and apply carpet material and rubber mold trim. All the other parts are off the shelf. Maybe they took time to fabricate the little piece of metal to hold the thing on.

I'm working on two things. One applying heat shielding material to the stock air box partially internally and externally. The heat shielding material is a special paint, not just a high heat paint or regular reflective paint. The objective is to lower the temperature by 15-20 degrees in the air box. According to Nowack which I'm sure you've heard of them, bmw's air flow meter has temperature sensors in it which regulates the air and gass flow. If the temperature of the air is hotter in the intake it lowers air intake and gass flow. By lowering the temperature, you effectively stop the ECU from lowering performance at operating temperature and raise HP and Torque according to Nowack by 20HP. This is why your car feels like it performs better in the first 15-20 minutes of operation than after although sometimes the drive by wire shiat kicks in and makes the car feel sluggish.

Second I'm working on my own custom molded air intake. I'm going to use the stock curvature as a model but will be open air like the ECIS.

Well three options, also I'm going to try to add a second air intake tube to the stock air box but not just put it in a cold air zone behind the bumper like DINAN's or what someone else did "1stDinan". I'm going to mount a funnel in a air pressure zone which will push air to the air box. I'm hoping with special aeospace heat shielding paint and additional air intake to the stock airbox, I will gain as much HP and Torque as the ECIS if not more. I will keep you all posted.

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