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It's interesting to see such good reviews about BMW of Sterling, because I've had nothing but bad experience with them.

First of all, I went there to pick up some parts to do the oil change service myself. One of the advisors (I think his name was Jay) asked me what I was doing, and then proceeded to explain that BMW would do it for me because I was still under warranty. I was sure that I wasn't under warranty, but Jay insisted that they would do the work free of charge.

Naturally, after having the service done, they worked up the bill. I was like excuse me, this was supposed to be covered according to Jay? Jay came out, realized his mistake, and asked me what I wanted to do. I was like what do you mean "What do I want to do?..I do NOT want to pay for this!" He finally let it go. However, I was charged for the clown-nose activation which many people have said they've gotten done for free at Sterling, and they also charged me like $2 per bulb for new bulbs in my front turn signals. I had asked them to replace my bulb sockets, and they claimed that my Silvervisions had caused the problem, which is why they were charging me. This was ridiculous, considering that there is nothing wrong with having Silvervisions, not to mention they SELL THEM at the dealer. I decided to just pay the $50 some that the bill came to, and also decided to never have work done at the dealer again.
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