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Originally Posted by Clem
You actually didn't have to do that much work.

AlanL. just drilled out the rivet holding the seatbelt tensioner onto the sedan seat rails and bolted it to the M3 seat rails.

Much less work and headache plus if you ever wanted to put the sedan seats back in all you'd have to do is bolt the tensioner to the sedan seat rails again.

Nice work though and congrats.
Bringing this back from the dead, I just did a swap of '01 M seats into my '99 328 and figured I'd add my $0.02. You don't have to drill anything or even swap both seat rails. If going into a sedan you only have to swap the rail with the seatbelt anchor (outboard) - it's only got 2 nuts holding it in place so that's a piece of cake.

For the other rail, depending on the years involved, you may have to swap the seat belt buckle & tensioner - check the wiring harness for the buckle connector at the big yellow underseat connector to see that they have the same # & config. of wires. If they're the same you can just leave that side alone. If not you'll have to unbolt the buckle and tensioner using a T50 socket and swap it over. If the connectors for the tensioner are different you'll have to bring the whole big yellow connector over, just remove the back cover and pull the individual plugs free, leaving just the 2 wires for the tensioner which are firmly attached to that connector.

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