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This is obvious a slander campaign and not a safey campaign.

Jim is telling people he is concerns about people buying pre-production lights due to their safety/fire/death hazards. However, when being ask a very LEGIMATE question Jim is no longer too concern with my safety anymore.

I asked Jim, as a consumer how I know that the LED lights that I am getting is indeed a FINAL release version and not the "dangerous" pre-production one.

Since there are so many sources (ebay, autowerks, umnitza, and various online vendors and sponsors) the room for "ERROR" is very very possible. The room of error is even possible if I am buying it from autowerks (the store Jim is recommending).

There must be an inspection stamp and/or date. Are there any DOT or UHL approval stamps to seperate the pre and post production lights? Jim refuse to answer my question and is currently evading it.

if he is truely concern about my safety and the safety of the members on this board he could EASILY answer my question since he claimed he help invented/innovate/design/research these LED lights.
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