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Let's all take 2 maybe 3 steps back and cool off.

At this time, there is no official word from our contacts about any recall. Should there be a possibility of any recall, as related to any other product or this one, we will always be happy to notify anyone.

To this date, not one of our released products has ever been recalled. Other companies have many recalls, is it because we do a better job of testing? Is it that the products we choose in the first place are production quality units? Is it that our customers are savvy about what they are buying and understand what they are putting on their cars. Probably all three

No non-vendor should be posting on this thread attempting to instill fear into the public. It's clear that many may or may not lend credibility where none is due, that's fine, but please give us the benefit of the doubt to make sure we continue to do what's right and in your best interest.

As more information is available from credible sources, we'll keep you informed.

This product is the owned by Eagle Eyes, everyone is welcome to buy from them directly or not. Unlike the Predator Chromium product, this one is largely open to the buyers in the free markets all over the world. We're just invoking our free market rights to purchase on behalf of you the customer

Lots of rumor mongering will not help the situation, so let's just back up and understand that the testing of course - as always - will be thoroughly taken care of by us...there is a reason we started this thread the way we did and we have over 100 names of people willing to take part in the program in just 2 days on just 1 forum announcement.

As mentioned previously, every name added to the list will go into a lottery, as usually, the more people that enter the lesser your odds are.
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