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Originally Posted by jdogg
NP, thanks for the answer. Any pics of said trunk lights?

Also, I think everyone is still wondering what happened with the "recall"? Was it all a hoax? if not have the 'production' units been shipped?

Sorry if this is controversial, but there's never been a solid answer except that the lights seemed to show up @ Umnitza and AutoWerks at about the same date. That would mean these are all fully tested production models? I'm sure all the vendors could sell more if this was put to rest. I don't think anyone wants to plug something into their $40K car that might fry something.

Thanks to Matt, and anyone else for info here!
Well, who wants to see a video of them on the car?
How about pictures

The folks at B&S Hacienda almost fell over their tongues looking at these - so they let us have access to their car for testing - mind you, it's not pretty - you'll see in the videos - but the car is operational and working just fine

Who wants to see a video?
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