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I want to clear a few things up about this product that we are getting a lot of questions on.

If anyone doubts the facts as stated, please feel free to verify any and all details with the manufacturer: Eagle Eyes at 886-2-2763-5900-1 and ask for Kevin Lin.

Specifically, there is another thread claiming to have Eagle Eye E46 LEDs for sale and as the exclusive US distributor of this product, we need to make a few things absolutely clear:

1. There are no production versions of this light available anywhere right now. How do I know this? Because AutoWerks has already purchased the first entire production run, which has not even shipped yet.

2. All lights you have seen in pictures and videos in this thread and any other thread are development PROTOTYPE units. They are not approved for retail sale and there has been a manufacturer recall for these units (see attachment). It would be highly irresponsible for any retailer to sell these units. There are significant safety issues associated with their use which includes potential damage to your vehicle.

3. If you buy a prototype unit, it will not be under manufacturer warranty.

4. The product in the other thread does not work properly. Did anyone see a clear image of the dash light failure indicator? Neither did I.

5. Our testing took much longer than anticipated, but our units work.

AutoWerks has been in business since 2000 and has developed a strong reputation of customer service and quality products. This situation is a first for us in dealing with a new product where another retailer is basically trying to get around legal contracts, sell recalled merchandise and place his customers at risk.

However, I encourage each of you to be your own consumer advocates. Call us if you have any questions, call Eagle Eye if you don't believe us.

The last thing the manufacturer or AutoWerks wants is for faulty units to reach the market. Please understand that this post is us trying to protect our investment and our customers.

The good news: we will have more pictures in the next couple of days! Stay tuned!!

(click image to enlarge)

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