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28. Put your turn signal either on the left or right position, with no key in the ignition, close the door and walk away. What you will see is the front blinker, and rear turn signal stay lit. From what I read, it's supposed to be a feature to for people to see your car when it's parked at night in those really tight streets in Europe. This way no one accidentally drives into your car.
29. If you look on your roof, there will be two flaps on each side that are plastic and body colors. You can remove them and there is a little hole in each one that accepts the BMW Roof Rack.
30. Hold down the PTY button (this works, to my knowledge, on cars w/nav) and you will turn on AUTOPTY--it'll display the type of music station if the data is present. I think this works for RDS too.... that way, you don't have to keep pressing it when you switch to radio or change stations etc.
31. Change the Speed Sensitive Volume Ratio - E46 Business CD Head Unit:
Turn the radio off then on again. Donít touch any button except the 'm' button - the button you use to tune the radio frequency manually. Press and hold the 'm' button for TEN seconds or until the display changes. It will then show the serial number of the unit. Normally when you press 'm', the display will reflect that by replacing 'ST' (stereo tuning) with 'm'. When holding the 'm' button for this procedure, the display should not do this - you will continue to see 'ST' for the ten seconds. Now if the display has changed, you are in a configure mode on the radio. If you press the '>' or '<' button you change modes. The mode you want will display as "GAL (1-6)". This mode allows you to adjust the speed-sensitive volume control. Use the radio preset buttons 1-6 to set the amount of volume change you want at speed. Setting 1 is the smallest change, 6 is the highest. I use 1 with the windows closed, and 5 when it's a nice enough day to drive with the windows open, which makes for a lot of ambient noise at speed. The car is so quiet with the windows closed that setting 1 is fine. Then turn the radio OFF to save the settings. Turn it back on; go for a drive to test it. The other semi-useful test mode will tell you the signal strength of any given station from 0 to 15 (highest). Use the preset buttons to change stations in the mode. This capability is probably used in the automatic tuning function in the radio.
32. The multiple 'auto heater/AC combinations at start-up' memory options are nifty.
33. If you want to leave your windows down but have the alarm set, but not have to worry about the motion detector go off, you can arm you alarm by hitting the lock button, and then wait a second and hit the button again. You'll see the clown nose light up for a second, which means the motion detector is deactivated
34. If you flicker your high beams when the car is off, your xenons go on for 30 seconds to give u a lighted path to walk
35. If you have auto wipers, the headlights go on when the wipers activate, if on auto.
36. Where the spare tire is, next to the portable jack there is a wheel chock!!
37. In Euro delivery cars, there is a warning triangle in a blue plastic case that bolts to the left rear of the trunk and a first aid kit under the passenger seat.
38. Apparently "there's a cheat code in the software running the BMW M3's sequential manual gearbox (SMG). Press the right buttons in the right order and the car will launch you from a stop after revving the engine to 5,000 rpm". "But there is a catch. In Europe, where the feature isn't so hush-hush, doing more than 15 launches voids the car's warranty. Federal laws prohibit such stipulations here, so BMW has turned down the which. US-spec cars are programmed to wind to only 2,500 rpm. That's why you have to ask your dealer to install the European software. Most will happily oblige"

"For lucky drivers of this hot car, here's how: Switch of the stability system and select shift program six. Switch the engine to sport mode. With the hand shifter in drive, hold it in the downshift position and press the has pedal. The engine will rev to the preprogrammed rpm and hold. Now release the shifter. The car will launch forward violently and the engine's revs will climb quickly, so be prepared to up shift"
39. When you have your wipers on fast and medium (donít know what you call it) Anyways if you come to a stop it'll go to intermittent
40. Want to know your odometer reading but no key... no problem. Just press the computer toggle button at the end of the turn signal lever. The computer read-out lights up with the odometer reading.
41. Everyone knows that the screwdriver in the tool kit is reversible.
42. When windshield wipers are going, and the a/c is on, regardless of the temp, warm air is coming out of the windshield defrost vent.
43. Holding down the DSC button to completely turn it off.
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