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Exclamation E46 INFORMATION THREAD - parts/mods/DIY/OIL

Well I've been stockpiling this stuff so I thought I'd share. Content is something you have all probably come across but I'm serving it up in one location. It's not exactly everything you would want to know just a bunch of stuff I like to keep handy and a lot of stuff that people seem to ask about before searching.

Feel free to add, but keep down the clutter and the OT and ask questions elsewhere.....Then again, do what you want.


E46 brochure Catalog

Best places to buy mods

HOW TO tell if its real leather. PIX

Props to a great site



Transmission and differential change

Led Taillight Info


Jack Points

Garage Boy

DIY Oil Extractor

Control Arms

Order Parts

Bed Those Brakes

Sputtering...there are many more

Reset Service Indicator

Window Regulator DIY

Change your spark plugs

View in text e46fanatics/bimmerfest

OBDII Fault Sensor Codes

Handy suspension links from JPR

Thanks JPR!

Handy Links
Alignment Info

ZHP Suspension Info

My Suspension Upgrade

Swaybar Info

BMW Spring Info

Brake Rotor Info

Ski Bag retrofit or removal

Ski bag PDF

Fix That Wheel

Subframe.....many more than this

What it looks like

Subframe on tape

Subframe Petition

Wasserman, Comden & Casselman, L.L.P. is investigating claims concerning defects in BMW 3 series vehicles manufactured between 1999 and 2005.

Used BMW parts, full part cars

Find part numbers

Torque spec revised wheel lugs

Flexible Coupling for Steering - possible wear item

Spark Plug replacements

Full Brake Package Turner Motorsports 330

Dealer wants what?!

E46 330 Brake Package
Part #: E46330BRAKEPAK
Applications: 2001 - 2005 330i/Ci/Xi (E46)
Complete brake package for E46 330i/ci/xi. Front and rear rotors, pads, sensors, retaining screws and fluid! This is everything you will need to complete a brake service on your 330. Metal Master pads come standard are a small upgrade from stock. The Axxis/PBR Ultimate pads are a big upgrade from the stock pads. Choose from stock rotors or cross-drilled rotors for daily driving or choose the slotted rotors and stainless lines for track use.
Price: $330.27
Sale Price: $309.95
Savings: $20.32

Full Brake Package Turner Motorsports 325/328

E46 325/328 Brake Package
Applications: 1999 - 2004 323iC, iT, 325/328i/Ci (E46)
Complete brake package for E46 323i Convertible, and 325i/Ci and 328i/Ci. Package includes front and rear rotors, pads, wear sensors, rotor retaining screws and a liter of brake fluid. You can also add stainless steel brake lines.
Price: $289.95

Inspection II Turner Kit DIY

IMHO: what I'm planning to do is performing the maintenance in this kit and taking iit somewhere to get a coolant flush and a visual inspection.

E46 325/330i Inspection II Package
Part #: INSP2M54
Applications: 2001 - 2004 325/330i/Ci (E46)

Inspection II Package for E46 325/330i/Ci. Click for more info.

Includes: BMW Synthetic 5W30 engine oil (7 quarts), OEM oil filter, Ate Super Blue brake fluid, A/C microfilter, Bosch spark plugs, OEM air filter, Red Line transmission and differential oil (2 quarts of each), OEM fuel filter. Optional items for the Do-It-Yourselfer are the Peake Fault Code/Reset Tool and/or a Bentley Service Manual.

An Inspection II consists of replacing all of the above parts as well as giving your car a thorough look-over. Much of the work is simply checking various parts and systems on the car which usually leads to more work that should or needs to be done. The above list is what BMW recommends to be done during an Inspection II (or every 40,000 miles). A home mechanic will have limited ability to give a car a complete Inspection II service so we recommend bringing your car to an experience BMW mechanic and having them complete the inspection for you. Keeping up with the maintenance on your car is the smart thing to do. For one thing, it prevents costly repairs in the future. For another, your car performs better, making aftermarket upgrades more worthwhile. And a well-maintained car with complete service records can add substantially to a car's resale value. Make sure you also order the Peake Code/Reset Tool -- resetting those Inspection/Service lights on your dash is the best method of keeping track of service intervals. You can also read and reset engine error codes thereby saving yourself a trip to the dealer (and the charge for reading the codes).

Price: $251.41

Landshark Automotive Indy Mechanic
24 South Ave, Natick, MA 01760

For those of us in the Ma area this place looks great. Haven't been personally yet but have had heard good things from friends. They have free pre-sale inspections, free pre-track even inspections. Great service prices.

For others there are great tech tips here, these guys are fanatics.

02 Sensor Replacement

Sunroof TSB

Final Stage Resistor

Throttle Adaptation Procedure .PDF

E-Brake Adjustment

BMW E46 - BimmerWiki

differential/gear ratios

Unofficial E46 Home Page

e46 Alignment Knowledge:
Front & Rear Alignment Specs - Bentley Manual
TIS Alignment Ballasting Specs
TIS Alignment Ballasting Specs Vert

Tierod info

Prefacelift 323i & 328i (Sedan) Manual

Expansion tank replacement lessons

Coilover DIY
Has info and pics for sway bars tie rods and stry=uts. many thanks 5speedsteve

Another one

Bluetooth installation (w/ shark fin installation and phone snap-in):

Interesting auto repair and diagnosis tips

Retrofit of RAZR snap-in into an e46 eject box:

Facelift an e46 sedan:

Compass / Auto-dim mirror retorfit:

Idle Control Valve Cleaning

All about Brakes

Bleeding, Warping, Bedding

Water Pump Replacement

Another awesome ETK clone:

Camshaft Sensor

Control Arm DIY

The What and Why

The How with Pics

Wheel Fitment/Wheel offset
The best thing to do to find out if a certain size wheel fits would be to contact gary@tirerack who has helped me and is a wealth of shoe knowledge on this site. I don't know much about anything when it comes to fitment so I take everything I read about it on the net with utmost suspicion.

Some ramblings from round the net.

Wheel Specs
PCD: 5x120mm (bolt pattern), Offset: ET40mm , Center bore: 72.5mm
PCD: 5x120mm, Offset: ET38mm (??), Center bore: 72.5mm


What is the stock offset for OEM wheels?
For OEM 18's the offset is 47mm Front & 26mm Rear, for OEM 19's the offset is 41mm Front & 27 Rear

The (Self Proclaimed) ultimate wheel/tire fitment thread

Harmon Kardon Rattles/fixes

Contol Arm Replacement DIY

Broken Sunshade

Camshaft Sensor DIY's

Some broken links up top.

Fuel Filter DIY

Tire Pressure

Window Tint Laws by State

Car/Key memory options



Easter Eggs

A Bunch of Goodies; Some dead links though.

OEM BMW Wheels All Styles

BMW Battery
from Autozone
Battery 49D is the exact replacement(size, amps & looks) to OEM battery for $59

LL Approved Oil
5.2 Names of approved Longlife-01 oils:


ADDINOL Super power MV 0537 SAE 5W-30 Addinol Lube Oil GmbH
Agip Formula LL B 01 SAE 0W-30 ENI S.p.A.Refining and Marketing Division
Agip Sint 2000 Evolution SAE 5W-40 ENI S.p.A.Refining and Marketing Division
Agip TECSINT SL SAE 5W-40 ENI S.p.A.Refining and Marketing Division
Aral SuperTronic SAE 5W-30 Aral
AXCL S-Class Motor Oil SAE 0W-30 AXCL Gulf FZE
BP Visco 7000 SAE 0W-40 BP Oil International
BP Visco 7000 Special SAE 0W-30 BP Oil International
BP Visco 7000 Turbo Diesel SAE 0W-40 BP Oil International
SBS 5.0 "Longlife-01" BMW AG - TIS 26.12.2004 21:36
Castrol Formula SLX LL01 SAE 0W-30 Castrol Limited
Castrol Formula SLX Turbo Diesel SAE 0W-30 Castrol Limited
Castrol Formula RS Power and Protection SAE 0W-40 Castrol Limited
Castrol Syntec SAE 0W-30 Castrol Limited
Castrol Super Racing 0W-40 SAE 0W-40 Castrol Limited
Castrol TXT Softec LL01 SAE 5W-30 Castrol Limited
Cepsa Star Mega Synthetic SAE 0W-30 Cepsa Lubricantes S.A.
Elf Excellium LDX SAE 0W-30 Total
Formula Shell Ultra AB SAE 5W-30 Shell International Petroleum Company
Gulf Formula TLX SAE 0W-30 Total
Havoline Synthetic BM SAE 0W-30 Texaco
Igol Process Compact P SAE 5W-30 Igol France S.A.
Jet Top Level SAE 0W-40 ConocoPhillips GmbH
Labo RC SAE 0W-30 ***hs Labo Auto S.A.
Liqui Moly Longlife High Tech SAE 5W-30 Liqui Moly
megol Motoren***246;l New Generation SAE 5W-30 Meguin GmbH
Mobil 1 SAE 0W-40 ExxonMobil
Mobil 1 Turbo Diesel SAE 0W-40 ExxonMobil
Motorex Profile B-XL SAE 0W-30 Bucher AG
Motorex Select SP-X SAE 5W-30 Bucher AG
Motul Specific LL-01 SAE 5W-30 Motul S.A:
OMV full syn plus SAE 5W-30 OMV AG
Pennzoil European Formula Ultra SAE 5W-30 Pennzoil Quaker State
Pentospeed 0W-30 VS* SAE 0W-30 Deutsche Pentosin-Werke
Petronas Syntium 3000 LL SAE 5W-30 Petronas
Q8 Formula Special SAE 0W-30 Kuwait Petroleum
Quaker State European Formula Ultra SAE 5W-30 Pennzoil Quaker State
Satoil LazerWay B SAE 5W-30 Svenska Statoil AB
Shell Helix Ultra AB SAE 5W-30 Shell International Petroleum Company
Titan Supersyn SL SAE 0W-30 ***hs Petrolub AG
Valvoline SynPower MXL SAE 0W-30 Valvoline
Veedol Powertron LL01 SAE 5W-30 Veedol International
Veedol Syntron SAE 0W-30 Veedol International
Wintershall VIVA 1 Longlife SAE 5W-30 SRS Schmierstoff Vertrieb GmbH
Yacco VX 1600 SAE 5W-30 Yacco S.A.S.

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