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lol if only everyone who has a bmw joined e46 so we can figure out whos who out there.. then again i see one every 5 min on the road.. well yest i saw two.. i saw a silver e46 3er vert in my own development! i think he actually lives in my neighborhood in the very beginning of the development.. you here by any chance?? lol doubt it

and last night my uncle picked me up from a friends house after a late xmas party.. i forget what road it was but it was an e39 5er, it had bluish neons on the fron and i think on the back and on the sides the neons were like dotted almost like leds side by side, <-- illegal i might add.. and i cud hear an exhaust.. my cuzn said he cud see that it was a girl in there..

edit: also at these meets do you guys do after drives where after the meet and talking you guys drive in lines to a diff location or juss drive together until you want to break away.. i just think those vids are sweet, just seeing a bunch of modded bmws in a row like that.. my heart like skips a beat its soo beautiful.. never seen those around in nj.. last night when i drove into my neighborhood i saw two identical rsx one in front of another.. thast the closest i got =]

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