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Originally Posted by Josh@AutoWerks
Well, it pretty much is sorted out. Eagle Eyes has a plan and timeline they have shared with us. We have to trust that they will meet this goal.

The manufacturer wants to release this product as quickly as possible and we want to get it into your hands as soon as possible. They have been very good about communicating with us and except for this recent delay, everything has gone reasonable well.

The confusion surrounding the other LED thread is unfortunate but we stand behind everything we have said in our thread and we have the documentaiton to back it up. When this all settles down it will be very clear who brought this product to market in a safe, ethical manner.


You already know that I am a strong critic when it comes to this LED subject.
Anyhow, I will continue to press my issues.

1) If want you are saying (waiting for DOT approval, serial number, recall, etc) then I want to commend you for taking the harder right over the easier wrong.

2) You mentioned that there are two version of the LED lights. One is for the Euro specs and one is for the US market. With regards to the LED lights, what consititute euro specs and non-euro specs? Some of us (including myself) have euro-specs LCM/LKM.

eventhough the precentage of US cars with euro-specs LCM/LKM is small I think my above question warrants an answer due to the possibility of destroying the LCM/LKM if buying an incorrect version of the LED as your claimed.

3) Based on your un-biased opinion, how does the built quality compare to a typical ebay vs oem tail lights. I am upset that vendors were quick to jump and point out all the "cool features" but neglected to mentioned some of the "flaws" (ie screw mount near the LED light bulb).

Hope to read your reply.

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