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Originally Posted by SARCASM
I personally feel that neither one of these versions yours or the other will reach the market anytime soon. You have continually promised your customers timelines that are never met.

You said you were picking them up at SEMA. SEMA passed and still nothing. Then you promised another deadline. I say do not introduce them into the market until they are ready to ship. If they are prototype, then do not take any pre-orders because you just end up getting angry customers, who wait ridiculous amounts of time. I think it's been almost a year. I wonder how many cancelled orders you have. I doubt you will tell us, but I am sure they are high.

GOOD LUCK to the rest of you. I don't imagine waiting this long is worth it. Just my input.
We certainly do not deny that there have been delays - but this is a complex product and sometimes in business unforseen circumstances occur. However, I feel we have been very honest in communicating with our customers - keeping them informed up to the minute as things progress. This is why we have had very few cancellations - our customers trust us based on our reputation. I could look up the exact number but it so low I doubt you would believe me.

I can certainly understand your skepticism but these will ship.
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