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I'm not sure if the DSC relays any information to the DME in regards to sump activation...the DME uses g sensors to control the sump
Here's something I found on the web....
So what they did do was say, "Okay, we will virtually dry sump this," and they put two motors into the engine, which, are triggered by the DSC (the Dynamic Stability Control) electronic transistor units that send messages to say how fast the car is going around the corner. The DSC units switch these little electric motors on and they pump the oil out of the engine banks. Thatís a sort of example of practical and clever engineering that makes a BMW different.
I don't know how true it is....

I understand. I'll fiddle with the fuses. :smile:

Salsero has since clarified the term hesitation as meaning "it won't go!," "Feels like severe spark retardation or fuel starvation."
As such, or in any case, if you are attempting to at least maintain your momentum through a turn while not being on the throttle the lightweight flywheel will slow your car down more quickly than the heavyweight stock flywheel. The LFW allows the motor to "wind down" as quickly as it "winds up."
I don't disagree with the advantages of a LWF that you've pointed out. It will certainly increase the engine's responsiveness to throttle application. I've driven a race prepped car with a lightweight flywheel......you could practically sneeze on the gas pedal and make the rpms rise.

I'd definately have that checked out. Perhaps my "old" 5-speed 330 has a different program but I've never encountered that situation myself.

Good question!

What size and type of tires were you using on the skidpad?
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