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missing part of my paint on my rear passanger side bumper molding and ding underneath it, from huge SUV who i chased down and threw the kid to the ground after he tried to leave...dings about 5 of them...painted moldings on the doors are chipping from people not knowing how to open doors...egged 2x, once while driving with my band, so we turned around and chased these 3 girls who did it (they wound up crashing up on someones front lawn running from us, it was whacked, then a guy in a baseball bat came out, people are screaming, we are ready to fight everyone, turns out we knew one of the girls...and im a lover, go figure) someone tried to steal my CF window sills, tried those are on there for good...other than that, no stealing or intentional damage to my car!!! does the curb i hit and messes up my front bumper count???

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