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Originally Posted by kpeng
Powerchip is a shady shady company. They used pictures of my car on their brochure without my permission, and their software is generic, not vehicle based.

If you want real software for the MS45 ECUs and the ZHPs, go with the Active Autowerke one.

Well, we had nothing to do with their brochure so I guess you should take that up with them.

I do disagree with you characterizing their software as generic. If you have any technical knowledge of what goes into designing software for BMWs you would know that all of the software is "vehicle based". You can't simply take a generic map and tweak it to work on the various BMW models.

I am sure that AA makes some good software too, but theirs is no more "real" than Powerchips. I would be very interested to see you cite specific examples to support your claim outside of your picture/brochure issue.
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