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I have sold Powerchip software for MS45 ECU'd cars. Specifically a 2004 330cic. It was the 91 octane version since we have such bad gas here. Anyway, the car literally lept out of the gate compared to stock. It was an automatic so it really needed some help. The car pulled strong through the entire rev range. I think people see the graph is hand drawn since it is so smooth. Typically you increase smoothing to remove jaggies that really don't matter anyway. Why do you need to see every little hump or valley every 100rpm?

IMO all software is generic unless your car is on the dyno when it is tuned. Are you willing to pay $1500 for an all day dyno session along with the additional cost to cover the labor of the tuner?

Ken you have every right to be mad about the photo thing but Autowerks had nothing to do with it. You KNOW I love you....

EDIT "The only company to have software for the MS45s was Dinan, and that's because they work closely with BMW, and they assisted in their cracking of the encryption."

BMW does not assist anyone in cracking THEIR OWN CODE? That makes no sense whatsoever. If you read the fine print the Dinan software only raises the rev limit and crispens the throttle response. They make NO HP claims for software alone (MS45).

From the DINAN website:

The new 3 liter Engine Management Systems are fine examples of BMW's sophisticated engineering. BMW detonation control systems, high speed engine management computers and sophisticated "adaptations" have left no horsepower for we tuners to extract; as much as we hate to admit it!

However, this certainly doesn't mean that there isn't enhanced performance available for the 330. There is still plenty to be gained from Dinan Performance Engine Software, although the typical increases in horsepower and torque you have come to expect from Dinan are not achievable. For example, the software safely raises the rev-limit by 240 rpm, endowing your 330 with a broader power band and greater road speed in each gear. The software also removes the factory top speed governor, enabling the cars to attain their "natural" top speed. Reprogramming of the "drive by wire" throttle system speeds up throttle response, leaving the driver with the feeling of increased power output.

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