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Originally Posted by AutoWerksSales
I don't think it is a huge stretch of the imagination to think that Powerchips was able to develop their own software that produces significant performance gains. Customers dyno test their cars all the time to back up any company's claims. How long do you think they would be in business if it got out that they were fidging numbers (or fudging them more than everybody else at least)?
My mistake with the Dinan statements, thanks Walter for clearing that up.

Perhaps it's not that far of a stretch of the imagination to think they did in fact develop the software. But tell me, if such software was developed and produced results on the dyno and on customers' cars, how come every MS45 owner was still scrambling to look for software? Why has Powerchip not yet jumped ahead in the race for MS45 software?

They have yet to produce an actual dynograph, and not some photoshopped image of lines.

They have yet to produce reviews from actual MS45 owners who have installed their software.

Let me make this clear it is not an attack on Autowerks, but I am just looking out for fanatics. As some of you have seen in the past, I don't like seeing other fanatics get misinformed or ripped off, and I tend to throw things out there no matter the location. So my apologies to Autowerks, but I think Powerchip has absolutely absurd claims.

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