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Why does everyone seem to think it was encryption. I'll try to give the bit of information, as I understand it, for I've read a few articles, talked to a few people who know more about it than I, or many of the board members, and *think* I might have a grasp on it.

The MS45 isn't different from any other ECU in tackling the data charts, there is a big spreadsheet basically, that has a bunch of parameters for MAF readings, octane readings, throttle positions, etc. etc. etc. Where the computer differs is in power. The MS45 is a much more powerful computer that is able to more quickly make decisions ->> thus there is more in that spreadsheet. More throttle maps with more in depth AFR info, more spark curves, etc etc. More options mean that the engine will be more consistant, more adaptive, and run smoother all around (in general). That graph may be a real dyno, it may also be photoshopped, anything posted on the internet it assumed real or fake ... depending on the source.

I have no trouble believing that powerchips got the software first, after all, it didn't take AA ages once they got to work.

Conforti is trying to retire from what I've heard. Josh at Eurosport High performance practically has to twist his arm off to get him to tune software for some of the E36 mod's that are going on (cam kits, superchargers, and whatever else). I'm sure if he actually wanted to do it he could have had software months ago, its just LOTS of data manipulation.

Its a lot of money for software, hell, the cam software specifically tuned for the exact mods on my engine (thanks Eurosport for twisting on Conforti's arm ) is $650, and thats a VERY limited number of cars because its for cams, an intake manifold, etc, which required a lot of dyno time. I'm not thinking its unreasonable, but it is high.

I think the best option would be to have a customer buy it, and dyno it. From what I have read in the past powerchips will refund you within like 4 weeks if you aren't satisfied, so what is there to lose

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