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Originally Posted by Gregs
If the car has recently been painted depending on the drying method most paint places recommend 30 - 90 days before applying a wax/sealant.

When you are ready to wax/seal the paint I would recommend a good sealant like Klasse All In One or the Menzerna Full Molecular Jacket. Both of these are extremely good at leaving a great shine, valuable protection, and very easy application/removal. These products generally require less than 1oz to do one whole coat so they are a good value on a per use basis. Let me know if you want some further recommendations for a multiple step process that will provide even more dramatic results.

Greg @ Detailed Image
My car is being repainted aswell and the shop said that I will be able to seal/wax it the day I bring it home. They will spray it in a Down Draft
Booth with baking oven @ 160 degrees.
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