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Originally Posted by Gregs
If the car has recently been painted depending on the drying method most paint places recommend 30 - 90 days before applying a wax/sealant.

When you are ready to wax/seal the paint I would recommend a good sealant like Klasse All In One or the Menzerna Full Molecular Jacket. Both of these are extremely good at leaving a great shine, valuable protection, and very easy application/removal. These products generally require less than 1oz to do one whole coat so they are a good value on a per use basis. Let me know if you want some further recommendations for a multiple step process that will provide even more dramatic results.

Greg @ Detailed Image
Good advice. I have used Klasse AIO plus SG, Menzerna FMJ and Zaino. They are all excellent products, although technically they are synthetic sealants, not waxes.

My current personal system is to use Menzerna FMJ and top it with Pinnacle Souveran (a Carnuba wax) for added depth.
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