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Originally Posted by Anben G
Ok... so I couldn't wait for this weekend to try out the Meguiars stuff... Came out quite nicely... the clay is a bit doggy though... i dont think i know how to use it properly.

Can you explain how to go about claying the car?

1. Must the surface be completley wet?
2. How hard do you you need to rub/press down the clay?
3. What if a grain of sand, dust, etc. on the car's body gets stuck in the clay and you dont notice it and it scratches the paint because you pressing hard on the clay? (<- the doggy part)

Anyway, the Meguiars products worked quite well and im happy with the end result...

Here's a pic I took with my phone's camera... a few more in the gallery (see sig)

Pics look good, now to get to your question. Clay Bar is relatively easy to use, here's a quick overview of what I recommend you do:
-Wash and Dry Car First
-Spray an area 2ft x 2ft with clay lube or quick detailer
-Mold the clay into a flat shape and glide it back and forth (light pressure) over the sprayed area (the clay should glide nice and easy, if not spray more lube)
-After an area has been done wipe it with a clean microfiber
- Remold the clay into another flat piece and spray another section down to be clayed

If there is some big piece of contamination in the clay you can throw it away or attempt to pick it out. The clay bar I sell is a large 200g so I usually cut it into five pieces before I start to get five fresh pieces, so if something gets lodged in the clay or if I drop it I can trash it. If there is microcontaminates in the clay the lube should prevent it from harming the surface. I spray the clay down with some lube when storing it to keep it malleable.

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