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Originally Posted by bimmerboy36
your 328 should be fine with the sk1 kit. I have a step 330 and I'm running the Sk+ kit. For the 330, you can either run the sk+ or run the sk1 with a 5.5psi pulley.

Shinobi is currently running the sk1 6.5psi kit on his step 330 and I think he is still running strong. He tracks his car so we shall see how well his tranny holds up. When I was at Technik, I believe i saw his car dyno high 260, maybe 270 to the wheels. I might be wrong.
yeah..i gathered as much.i'll stick to what Alpina does with its cars and use that as a guide(thanx Vince).as it is right now i'll most probably go with a SK1 5.5psi..that way i'll still have peace of mind when i gun her.
one thing i notice though..with step u get longer gearing which gives a lower rpm at any given speed when compared with a manual which has 1:1 direct end of the day,less stress for the engine/drivetrain combo.
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