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alexboy is right... moto you're listenint to 323 who hasn't been able to sell his car either because its overpriced... kbb is ridiculously overpriced - its a guage of what dealers will charge not good for PP - use edmunds if you want

also i love how 323 comments on a "clean car" with no interior or close up pics ...


1) Yes i would be interested in the car
2) price on edmunds is $20,655

now here are the other stuff to concern.

demand for e46's are dwindling - prices are coming down due to lack of demand nad newer models (and leasing being cheaper)

so using these guides are eactly what it is ... it's a guide ... it doesn't mean your car will be sold at that price *shrug*.

anyhoo, i'll offer $19,250 (yes you will think its low) but it's all i can spend - i'm in NYC

just my 2c - don't flam eme plz
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