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Originally Posted by ejc2008

alexboy is right... moto you're listenint to 323 who hasn't been able to sell his car either because its overpriced
I overpriced it to see what I can get, because title is in the mail. When it gets here in a week and a half is when I'm dropping the price because that is when i REALLY am getting rid of it. I'm just seeing if I'll get hits at that high of a price.

Originally Posted by ejc2008
also i love how 323 comments on a "clean car" with no interior or close up pics ...
First off, I didn't say anything about interior. I said it looks clean. Look at the picture... IT DOES LOOK CLEAN! How can you even argue that?

And I'm not sure what I did to you to make you pick me out, but next time you want to be rude to someone do it elsewhere.

All I said was:

1. It was clean (which is unarguable)
2. The price isn't bad. (I live in Florida and I can't find any 02's much lower with those miles.) Maybe NYC is different but not down here.
3. You my friend are a douche bag. To complain about my price because I listed it high to see WHAT I COULDget out of it makes my 2 cents worthless?... I think not.


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